Sea and water activities: there are two beaches in Cabo Polonio that border the peninsula: on the one side, the southern beach, on the other, facing north, la Calavera. Separated by roughly 300 metres of dunes and houses, on any given day, one of the beaches will be protected from the wind.
The water temperature varies according to the season with summer temperatures reaching 25 degree celcius. The beaches are surveyed by lifeguards from the 15th December until mid March. When the water is rough, you need to be careful of underwater currents, especially on the northern beach.
The principal activity is surfing. You can take courses with Mario and his team. On most days, one of the two beaches offers good conditions for almost all levels.

Your first walk should be around the tip of the peninsula, across the rocks until you reach the lighthouse where from above, a magnificent 360 view unfolds along the Uruguayan coastline. From high above, you’ll see seals, the sea, islands, the village and two magnificent beaches. Continuing from the ‘path of the custom officers’, you can rejoin the southern beach and the houses of Gabasol before returning towards the central part of the village.


I´ll let you discover the other spots, each one with its own quota of magic and surprises, like the Ombus forest a few kilometres from the village, where a path leads out to Valizas, a little village which ends up with a river crossing at shoulder height. Or, the climb up the « Cerro Buena Vista », the highest dune in the area, that boasts an exceptional view of the Ocean and the tip of the peninsula.

You can rent horses for horse-rides along the dunes or the beaches. Your best option is to seek out « Popeye » (a well-known local) who has several friendly horses. Thanks to his sulky, Popeye also offers a taxi service as well as leisurely trots around Cabo.